Past Lives Research


MARCH 26/27 2022

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The course

By finding out our past through the five levels of this topic, we can understand many aspects of our present life.

Each level is organized as a single course and represents one step in the process of better understanding ‘the story of our soul’, the periods in time we have lived in and according to which plan this has happened. All these aspects allow us to find more meaning in our present life and the goal we want to reach.

Each seminar offers practical and meaningful experiences which help us to resurface memories, talents and opportunities we can still take advantage of. Anyone who is motivated simply by curiosity or by a deep desire to know themselves better, can participate.

The seminar represents the peak of a process which connects us to our memories of the past starting in the moment the person chooses to take part.


The research work on past lives requires an accurate investigation in time, so it is very important to receive the following from each participant within one month of starting the course:

  • Two photos: The first taken recently and the second taken sometime in the past.
    Both photos must be dated.
    The participant must be preferably alone, with no hat or sunglasses covering his/her face.

  • Full name and surname, place and date of birth.

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